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FiM++ Programming - Hello World, 99 Jugs of Cider
Dear Princess Celestia: Letter One
Today I Learned an important lesson about friendship.
I learned how to write "Hello World!"
Your faithful student, Twilight Sparkle.
P.S. In this case, the syntax is similar to C++.
Dear Princess Celestia: Letter One
I wrote "Hello World!"
Your faithful student, Twilight Sparkle.
P.S. In this case, the syntax mirrors that of Python syntax. I'll leave it to you, readers, to decide which one you deem better. -Twilight Sparkle
Dear Princess Celestia: Letter One
Today I learned how to sing Applejack's Drinking Song.
I learned Applejack's Drinking Song with Applejack.
Did you know that Applejack likes the number 99?
I did this while Applejack had more than 1.
I sang " 'Applejack' jugs of cider on the wall, 'Applejack' jugs of cider,"
Applejack got one less.
When Applejack had more than 1,
I sang "Take one down and pa
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Yours Truly - A Semantic Analysis on Honesty
Before I start, I should say that Yours Truly has recently replaced My Little Dashie at the core of my heart-drive. If you are viewing this humble two-cents, please take your time to [go read the story first]. Also, sorry for the wall of text. I don't have a good enough camera to record a reaction/review video.
The literal aspects of the story, the bittersweet emotions that makes this particular fanfic an epitome of brony literature are being discussed to death in the EqD comments section, so there would be no need for me to repeat those sentiments and say that I cried manly tears. What I really want to discuss here is two things. One, the author's interpretation on one of the two main characters, Applejack, and especially her defining character trait; the Element of Honesty. Two, the narrative techniques, both literal and pseudo-visual, that weave the emotions and Applejack's element into a coherent and organic
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I have been gathering your work as reference material for my drawing practices, so you could imagine the excitement I felt when I saw y...


Just like the title says.

What I'm doing here is to match each of the Mane Six and other important ponies with appropriate class combinations.

Twilight Sparkle: Erudite(Psionic) w/ Spike as a variant Psicrysmal, or Wizard(Arcane) with Spike as a familiar/cohort (CPsi, or SRD)
Rainbow Dash: Scout (CAdv)

Pinkie Pie, Variant 1: Paladin of Freedom/ Bard Gestalt, except manifesting abilities as equal level Divine Mind, Freedom, Chaos, Knowledge mantles. (UA, CPsi)
Pinkie Pie, Variant 2: Bard / Psion(Nomad) (PHB I, XPH)

Rarity: Psion(Kineticist) 1 / Rogue / Master of the Unseen Hand (PHB I, XPH, CWar) or Psionic Artificer (ECS)
Applejack: Ranger, Combat Style(Archery), Throwing Weapons specialist, Champion of the Wild variant. (PHB I, CWar, CAdv, CChamp)
Rainbow Dash: Scout (CAdv)
Fluttershy: Ranger / Beastmaster, Champion of the Wild variant. (PHB I, CChamp, CAdv)

Shining Armor: Ardent / Psionic Abjurant Champion, Guardian, Justice, Force, Repose mantles, Leadership feat (CPsi, CMag)
Big Mac: Ranger w/ 1 Level of Barbarian, Champion of the Wild variant (SRD, CWar, CChamp)

Princess Celestia: Psion(Shaper) / Unknown Gestalt (XPH, UA), Leadership, Epic Leadership, Legendary Commander feats
Princess Luna: Psion(Shaper) / Incarnate Gestalt, Nightmare Moon as Incarnum Soulmeld (XPH, UA, MoI)
Princess Cadence: Psion(Telepath) (XPH)

The list will be updated as season 3 rolls out.



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