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I have been gathering your work as reference material for my drawing practices, so you could imagine the excitement I felt when I saw y...


Just like the title says.

What I'm doing here is to match each of the Mane Six and other important ponies with appropriate class combinations.

Twilight Sparkle: Erudite(Psionic) w/ Spike as a variant Psicrysmal, or Wizard(Arcane) with Spike as a familiar/cohort (CPsi, or SRD)
Rainbow Dash: Scout (CAdv)

Pinkie Pie, Variant 1: Paladin of Freedom/ Bard Gestalt, except manifesting abilities as equal level Divine Mind, Freedom, Chaos, Knowledge mantles. (UA, CPsi)
Pinkie Pie, Variant 2: Bard / Psion(Nomad) (PHB I, XPH)

Rarity: Psion(Kineticist) 1 / Rogue / Master of the Unseen Hand (PHB I, XPH, CWar) or Psionic Artificer (ECS)
Applejack: Ranger, Combat Style(Archery), Throwing Weapons specialist, Champion of the Wild variant. (PHB I, CWar, CAdv, CChamp)
Rainbow Dash: Scout (CAdv)
Fluttershy: Ranger / Beastmaster, Champion of the Wild variant. (PHB I, CChamp, CAdv)

Shining Armor: Ardent / Psionic Abjurant Champion, Guardian, Justice, Force, Repose mantles, Leadership feat (CPsi, CMag)
Big Mac: Ranger w/ 1 Level of Barbarian, Champion of the Wild variant (SRD, CWar, CChamp)

Princess Celestia: Psion(Shaper) / Unknown Gestalt (XPH, UA), Leadership, Epic Leadership, Legendary Commander feats
Princess Luna: Psion(Shaper) / Incarnate Gestalt, Nightmare Moon as Incarnum Soulmeld (XPH, UA, MoI)
Princess Cadence: Psion(Telepath) (XPH)

The list will be updated as season 3 rolls out.



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